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GoPro App allows user to control the GoPro camera from the mobile device via WiFi connection, so the user can view the GoPro camera lens on their mobile device to take videos or pictures. The idea is great but the issue here is you have one hand holding the GoPro camera and the other hand holding the mobile device, how are you going to control the interface on your mobile device when both hands are already busy? this seems a bit clumsy right?

The logical designed is to combined GoPro camera and iPhone together on a single mount pistol hand grip mount so that you have one hand holding both device together and the other hand to control the GoPro App interface on the mobile device screen.


Price(AUD): AUD$35.00

Note: Please choose your colour at checkout.

Package include:

  • 1 x iPhone mounting case
  • 1 x Hand grip piece

Key features:

  • Light weight (55g)
  • Strong rigid ABS plastic
  • Contour handle for comfort grip
  • Adjustable iPhone mount landscape or portrait
  • Detachable case and grip

Note: currently the mounting case is available for iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 and 5s only

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