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For more information, go to product website http://goprokiteline.danielleow.com/

The best selfie kitesurfing pictures is putting the camera right in front of you on the kite line. The 1st Generation GoPro Kite Line mount needed to be improved on the line support and lack of support for the 5th kite line.

The 2nd Generation GoPro Kite Line mount has two significant improvements. Now it can support the 5th kite line, this support is to keep the 5th line obstructing the camera’s view but yet retain the functionality of the 5th line. The other improvement is the line support guide which now comes with the line support cover so that the line do not slip out from the guide.

Price(AUD): AUD$50.00

Note: Please choose your colour at checkout.

  • [NEW] Now support 5th kite line
  • [NEW] Improve line guide support
  • [NEW] Improved aesthetic design
  • Allow wide angle view
  • Sits between the kite lines for stability
  • Tough light weight ABS material (about 48g)
  • Anti-slide along kite line
  • Compatible with GOPRO HD, 2, 3 and 3+
  • Quickly mount and remove from kite lines
Package includes:
  • 1 x 2nd Gen. GOPRO Kite Line mount
  • 2 x line grip clips (additional 1 spare pcs)
  • 4 x line support covers (additional 2 spares pcs)
  • 1 x 5th line support covers (additional 1 spare pc)
  • 1 x safety leash
  • 1 x long screw with cap bolt with plastic knob

Dedicated website click here

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