Powerbank Hand Grip for iPhone5/5(1)

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Our mobile phones are not ergonomically designed to hold to take videos and photos especially during long period of time such as during a speech, concerts, wedding functions, performances or any other important moments. Thus the battery will quickly runs out. More over the clumsy location designed of the microphone, speaker, camera lens can be easily block by our fingers while holding it.

Pistol style handle grip with built-in powerbank has been proven to be the most comfortable method of holding an object especially on a prolong period of time. So it not a revolutionary idea but more of a logical idea to implement a pistol grip on your phone. It simply makes more sense to just point your mobile phone like a gun while taking videos and photos without worrying about blocking the camera lens and microphone. Now you can take much longer video.

Landscape mode
Price(AUD): AUD$60.00

Note: Please choose your colour at checkout.

Package include:

  • 1 x iPhone 5 / 5s case
  • 1 x Handle Grip with built-in Powerbank 2600mAh
  • 1 x USB Charger cable (micro to standard USB adapter)

Key Features:

  • Light weight (120g)
  • 2600mAh (1.5 charge cycle on iPhone)
  • Input: 5V 800mA, Output: 5V 1A
  • Powerbank Cycle life: over 1000times; Life-span: 10 years
  • Standby time:  2-3 days
  • Strong rigid ABS plastic
  • Adjustable landscape or portrait
  • Contour handle for comfort grip
  • Detachable case and grip
  • Through-hole for lanyard

Note: currently the mounting case is available for iPhone 5 and 5s only


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