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Imagine you take the train or bus and you lost your ticket not knowing where you put the ticket or fell off from your pocket. Perhaps it got really crumpled in your pocket and the card cannot be read by the machine resulting from hefty fine for an invalid or missing ticket. Today, everyone (or almost) spend most of their time using their mobile phone on the bus or train so why not just keep the ticket with your mobile phone, as simple as that.

lost ticket

You can also put some cash inside the card holder just in case you lost wallet. Or perhaps leave your wallet at home and just bring your ID and credit card with you.

Maintaining slim card holder design case allow you to slip in your pocket and the rigid case will provide protection for your phone as well. The open four sided cut out provide easy access to insert and remove your cards from the holder with two safety clip prevent cards from falling out.

iPhone card holder
Price(AUD): AUD$15.00

Note: Please choose your colour at checkout.

Package include:

  • 1 x iPhone card holder case

Key features:

  • Card holder can accommodate 2 plastic cards and 1 paper card
  • The four sided cut out design allows you to easily see the cards you have in the holder.
  • The landscape side access slot makes it easy to remove and insert your cards.
  • All your ports are accessible.
  • Rigid ABS plastic

Note: currently the mounting case is available for iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 and 5s only

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